Get Lost in the Corn Maze at Norz Hill Farm!

Our corn maze is a favorite to many visitors to Norz Hill Farm. Each year we come up with a new and challenging design for maze enthuses. If you were to lay out the paths in one of our mazes in a straight line it would go on for over 2 miles. Below you can see the actual pictures of each of our mazes.








2013 Corn Maze

We toyed with many ideas for our corn maze this year.  Through our involvement with 4-H and the County Board of Agriculture we realized it’s not every year your county celebrates it’s 325th anniversary!  We are happy and pleased to show off our 2013 Corn Maze.  “Celebrating Somerset County”



The inspiration for our 2012 corn maze, comes from all the great fun families can have here at Norz Hill Farm, Family Time!


With 2011’s maze, we would like to show our patriotism to the great United States of America, by immortalizing one of our countries greatest symbols of freedom. We are also honoring the brave fallen heroes of 9/11/01, on this, the ten year anniversary.


The inspiration for our 2010 corn maze was to show case our farm animals and also our haunted trail, Creepy Hollow.





The 2009 corn maze was a tribute to the Jersey Fresh program. This program does a great job of promoting New Jersey’s fresh vegetables and fruit around the country.





2008’s corn maze was conceived from all of our guests that get very lost in the maze. So instead of confusion, we had CORNFUSION!







The 2007 corn maze was motivated by all the fun our visitors have touring through all of our farm animals and picking their own pumpkin in one of our pumpkin patches.






2006’s corn maze was a acknowledgment to our dairy cows as well as dairy cows all across the country.







The 2005 Norz Farm corn maze was our very first attempt at a planting and cutting a corn maze, and the rest is history.



Farmer Rich helping former NJ Sec. of State, Nina Wells and former NJ
Sec. of Ag Charlie Kuperus find their way through the corn maze!

Another happy family attempting the Norz Hill Farm corn maze challenge.


There are just a few rules while taking the Norz Hill Farm corn maze challenge.

Make sure you bring water.
Stay on the trails, don’t cut through the corn.
No throwing or damaging the corn.
No Smoking.
It’s very very important, to have fun.

And last but not least, remember if you get so lost that you can’t find your way out, don’t worry, we will find you when we harvest the corn in November!


We would like to thank Don Watts of Newtown Graphics, for his help with the 2010, 2011 and 2012 mazes.