Farm Animals

Many years ago in North-Central New Jersey, if you did not live on a farm, you most certainly were related to or knew someone that did. Today with many farmers from the area either retiring with no one to take over or moving out of the area, it has become more and more difficult to find a true working farm. For this reason we know people search high and wide to show their children the same kind of farm animals that most people worked with or got to see as kids.

Here at Norz Hill Farm we feel that it is very important to keep that farming tradition going, but also help educate our younger generations to the different kinds of animals that can be found on a farm.

During the Fall Festival, in September and October, you can go on a hayride to the farm and see all of our animals. Schools can also book tours Spring through Fall to see the animals.

Below you can see some of the different kinds of animals we have on our farm.  

 First, let’s say HI to Mary the little lamb!


On the left : are some of our Holstein cows outstanding in their field.

On the right : are the free range chickens enjoying the morning sun.

   There are always baby’s on a farm!

On the left : Fiona and baby Jezebel the donkeys

On the right : Rosalyn and her baby Nicky the goats.





On the right : Charlotte and Wilbur the pot belly pigs with their babies



Other Farm Animals

And don’t forget about Jackie the Zonkey!