Norz Hill Farm and Market is proud to offer our home raised beef, pork and eggs.

So what are our chickens offered and where do they roam?

  • All natural feed, no meat by-products.                                                                                                                                        
  • All the well water they can drink.
  • Shelter, they have nests to lay in and a platform to roost on. No roosters in these pens.
  • An area to run, scratch and peck outside.
  • During the summer they love to snack on tomatoes.
  • No, they do not get antibiotics!

And the cows?

  • When you drive by the farm you can see the cows out grazing in the fields.
  • They have all the fresh water they want.
  • Of course during the winter there is no grass, so cows are happy to have our local grown hay!
  • During the year they are offered an organic tofu by-product, this is their major protein source.
  • We do not give any of our animals synthetic hormones.
  • During the summer they get a lot of fresh vegetables.
  • If needed, and only needed they will receive an antibiotic, because we believe in treating animals with respect.
  • Pricing effective 4/22/2016, subject to change without notice Beef 2016-04-22

What about the pigs?

  • Our pigs receive the same organic tofu by-product as the cows.
  • They too have fresh water anytime of the day.
  • They are offered an all natural feed, no meat by-products.
  • Our pigs love fresh produce, especially watermelon.
  • If needed, and only needed they will receive an antibiotic, because we believe in treating animals with respect.
  • These pigs live in the Virginia Style heifer barn, so we can keep an eye on them and make sure their tails have a curl!
  • Pricing effective 4/22/2016 Subject to change without notice  Pork 2016-04-22

Processing of the meat.

  • We must use a USDA certified butcher to resell our meat.
  • We use two different butchers, one in Mt. Joy, PA and one in Springfield, PA.
  • The meat is flash frozen to pressure the fresh quality.
  • All the meat we sell was raised on our farm.

Produce Stand

Come out and get some of our own Jersey Fresh produce! We grow many different kinds of vegetables and fruit, including over 6000 tomatoes plants this year and of course our own Jersey Sweet Corn! This year we will again be having white and bi-color sweet corn.


With all of our home grown vegetables and fruit we employ the most sustainable farming practices to help conserve our environment. These practices include using natural or organic fertilizers, black plastic mulch to reduce the need for herbicides and drip tape irrigation, conserving over 60% water usage from normal over head irrigation.


Transplanting Squash



Our produce stand season will start June 3, 2016 and run through the end of September. We look forward to seeing you.

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