Agriculture Feed Products

Farm Feed Products Available

At Norz Hill Farm & Market, one of the larger parts of our business is growing and harvesting agriculture products. We grow over 700 acres of Corn, Soybeans, Hay and Straw. We sell our farm feed products by the piece to trailer load sizes.
Here are some of the Farm Feed Products we sell:

  • 1st Cutting Timothy Hay (Small Square Bales)
  • 1st Cutting Orchard Grass (5' Round Bales)
  • 2nd Cutting Orchard Grass (Small Square Bales)
  • Long Rye Straw (Small Square Bales)
  • Shell Corn (by the bag - Approx. 40 lb. bags) (Good for Deer Feed or for Kids Sand Boxes)
  • Corn or Soybeans (By the Truck or Trailer Load)
Email or Call for Pricing.

Custom Planting & Harvesting Available

In addition to the above-mentioned products, we also offer Custom Crop work on request from our fleet of Agriculture Equipment.

We can offer:

  • Custom Plowing & Disking
  • Custom Corn or Soybean Planting
  • Custom Round & Small Square Baling
  • Custom Soybean or Corn Harvesting