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Serving up New Jersey’s freshest food and fun since 1922!

You want the best for your family. We do, too. Serving up the best in food and fun to the tri-state area since 1922, Norz Hill Farm is family-owned and operated by the Norz family with extensive roots in the area and ties to the community. We believe in the goodness of nourishing food and the value of family fun that keeps bonds strong. We have been bringing both to those we serve for over 100 years and are committed to supporting our neighbors near and far.

Family-Friendly, Farm Fun Activites!

At Norz Hill Farm, we offer activities and events that the whole family can enjoy. We provide fun experiences that are wholesome and educational, allowing you to explore our unique heritage while creating heartwarming memories that will last a lifetime.

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Current Products

Quality food that truly nourishes your family is what you want and need. You know that how food is grown is as important as what food is grown. At Norz Hill Farm and Market, we understand and feel this way, too. We've been raising and growing the highest-quality foods since we first began to care for this land. We know the food because we grow the food. You can rely on the products from our farmers market in Hillsborough to serve your family with confidence and pride—from meats to vegetables to hand-crafted foods—feel good about providing those you love with the very best.

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How much do you love a juicy steak? We do, too! We bring you only the best in meats, sustainably raised to yield flavor-packed products—from our popular Tomahawk steaks—so meaty and satisfying—to our smoked bacon and pork products that will make every mouth in your home water as they hear the sizzle and smell that rich aroma coming from your kitchen or grill. Be the hero chef that brings cheers and rave reviews from your crew. Check out our meat market!


Egg Shed

Happy chickens make tasty eggs! Our chickens are provided all they need to lay the highest-quality eggs—straight from our farm to your table. We have regular customers who now purchase only Norz Hill Farm eggs as they can taste the difference—and so can their families! The richness and fullness of the flavor makes any recipe even better—whether you are baking or having your Saturday morning eggs sunny-side up. But don’t take our word for it. Come get your dozen and taste the difference.


Why Buy Local?

When it comes to food, fresh is best in so many ways. The freshest foods retain the most nutrition, visual appeal and flavor. When you buy or source food locally, you know you'll be getting the best for your family. Our homegrown, locally-raised meat, eggs and produce go straight from field to market to your table. It's a difference you can taste.

When produce, meat or eggs are bought in stores, the product may be coming from anywhere in the world! That means harvesting before peak flavor is reached to allow for transit times or shipping. And it's just not the same. Harvesting as close to serving is the key for maximum flavor and why top restaurants around the world look for suppliers as close to their establishment as possible. They know that local flavor is the best flavor!

Norz Hill Farm and Market is a New Jersey farm located in the Hillsborough Township. If you live near us, we're right here in your backyard! We work hard to provide quality farm products, taking pride in everything raised on our farm so you can feel good knowing your family is getting the most nutritious and delicious-tasting food available! Take a tip from world-class chefs. Start with the best ingredients, locally grown, and get ready for the raving reviews!

Here at Norz Hill Farm and Market, we live by the saying: We Know The Food Because We Grow The Food!

People are Talking About Norz Hill Farm...

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpg"I won't buy eggs at a regular grocery store anymore. After serving up Norz Hill Farm eggs, my family won't hear of it! These are the only eggs we buy now!"

Marsha // Long-time Hillsborough customer //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgMy family and I absolutely love Norz Hill Farm. We have been going to Norz for many years and love all they do for the community.

Cindy // //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgThere must have been hundreds of people but the staff is very organized, we didn’t have to wait more than 3 minutes for a hay ride.

N Y // //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgGreat place for a family day out! There was ample parking, beer from a local brewery, music, a corn maze, and a hay ride.

Brian // //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgThe holiday light show was such a treat for our family. Our kids age 5, 4 and 1 LOVED it!

Rebecca // //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgWhat an amazing time. If you love animals this is the place to visit.

N Y // //

norz-hill-farm-five-stars.jpgThis place is great. You get alot for the money and quite a long hayride. It is always busy during the fall months but it is sitll worth it.

Pasquale // //