Egg Shed

The Egg Shed

Happy chickens mean the tastiest, richest eggs—packed with flavor and protein! They are a great source of nutrition that can be used in countless ways. The best dishes start with the freshest ingredients. Our chickens are provided with all they need to lay the highest-quality eggs—straight from our farm to your table.

And did you know chickens have ears? Yes! They are just hidden by their outer feathers. Interesting, right?

Cage-free Eggs

"I won't buy eggs at a regular grocery store anymore. After serving up Norz Hill Farm eggs, my family won't hear of it! These are the only eggs we buy now!" ~Marsha • Long-time Hillsborough customer

A difference you can see, feel and taste. That's the richness and fullness of a farm-fresh egg. There's really nothing like its silky texture, full flavor, and satisfying feel. Whether you add them to your favorite cake recipe or serve them sunny-side up, you will not find a better egg. Perhaps that's why customers drive from miles around to get them!

Our flock of 600 chickens are non-caged and able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outdoors every day. Our chickens are a Sex-Link/Rhode Island Red Cross, which produce eggs brown in color and rich in flavor. We harvest our eggs twice each day, then wash and cool them to retain peak flavor. As these are all-natural eggs, they are not sized but rather boxed. So your carton of eggs will include eggs of all different shapes and shades.

From November through May, you can find our products for sale at the Egg Shed. During these months, the Egg Shed is open 24 hours a day. We provide our Free-range eggs on the honor system. Eggs are $5.00 per dozen. We just ask that you bring the exact change and deposit the money in the payment box provided.

We will be at the Egg Shed on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for in-person sales. Make sure you stop by The MEATing Barn to pick up some savory farm-raised beef and pork to go with those eggs.

The Egg Shed is located at the farm market entrance: 
120 South Branch Rd.
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

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