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Current Products at Norz Hill Farm

Nourish your family with confidence and pride when you choose food grown on our New Jersey farm. We carefully tend to this land, producing the highest-quality meats, vegetables, and handcrafted foods so that you can rely upon their quality every time. Our generations of farming experience ensure that we understand exactly what it takes for groceries from field to plate--the very best!

Seasonal Produce

Crunchy carrots and cucumbers.
Juicy tomatoes and watermelons.
Mouth-watering squash and peppers.

Whatever your pleasure, farm-fresh produce picked at its peak flavor makes all the difference in serving food your family will rave about! It's a difference you can taste that your family will appreciate too. Farm-fresh means maximum nutrition and quality—the very best that your loved ones crave and deserve.

Norz Hill Farm is the premier farmers market in Hillsborough NJ, and for good reason! This family-owned farm offers a wide variety of seasonal fresh fruits meats, vegetables, and eggs. Whether you're looking for seasonal farm products or just a fun day out, be sure to check out Norz Hill Farm!



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Did you Know?

Farm fresh is fascinating! Learn more about our produce from Farmer Debbie and Rich.


Our Meats

How much do you love a juicy steak?

For those passionate about meat, we bring only the highest-quality cuts to tantalize your taste buds. Our signature Tomahawk steak is a succulent treat - rich with flavor and sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. And when it comes to bacon and pork products, let's just say that you won't be able resist as soon as you hear them sizzling in your kitchen or on the grill!

High-quality meats from our meat market can elevate any meal as there is simply so much more flavor packed into our products. Whether it's hamburgers for that tailgating party, Sunday roasts that are perfect for any day of the week, or steaks that melt in your mouth—you will enjoy meals so much more when you start with the best meats worthy of your efforts.

Be the hero chef that brings cheers and rave reviews from your crew. Check out what we have in stock below!

Our Meat Products

*Prices subject to change without notice

Product Price Product Price Product Price
Steak (Delmonico) $16.49/lb Steak (Flat Iron) $12.99/lb Steak (Filet Mignon) $22.49/lb
Steak (NY Strip) $18.99/lb Steak (Porter House) $17.99/lb Steak (Ranch) $12.99/lb
Steak (Rib Steak) $16.49/lb Steak (T Bone) $16.99/lb Steak (Tomahawk) $16.99/lb
Steak (Sirloin) $16.49/lb Steak (Skirt) $16.99/lb Short Ribs (Beef) $7.99/lb
Roast Beef
Product Price Product Price Product Price
Roast (Bottom Round) $7.49/lb Roast (Chuck) $7.79/lb Roast (Eye Round) $7.99/lb
Roast (Rump) $6.99/lb Roast (Sirloin) $11.49/lb Roast (Top Round) $8.49/lb
Beef Misc
Product Price Product Price Product Price
Beef Jerky $9.00 per pack Liver $1.29/lb London Broil $9.79/lb
Beef Stick (single) $3 each Marrow Bones $3.99/lb Brisket $10.49/lb
Beef Stick (4) 4 for $10 Chip Steak $7.49/lb Cubes - Beef $7.49/lb
Bologna $5.99/lb Stir Fry $7.49/lb    
Product Price Product Price
Ground Beef $4.99/lb HB Patty (4 oz) $5.99/lb
HB Patty (8 oz) $4.99/lb HB Patty (6 oz) $4.99/lb
Hot Dogs
Product Price Product Price
Hot Dogs (No Nitrate) $4.99/lb Hot Dogs (Reg - Beef) $4.99/lb
Product Price Product Price Product Price
Butt - Pork $ 4.99/1b Cubes - Pork $ 5.49/1b Kielbasa $ 5.99/1b
Chip Steak (Pork) $ 4.79/1b Franks - Pork /w/Cheese) $ 4.99/1b Loin (Boneless) $ 7.99/lb
Chops - 1" (Bone-In) $ 5.49/lb Ground - Pork $ 4.49/1b Picnic Shoulder $ 4.99/1b
Chops - 1" (Boneless) $ 6.49/1b Ham (Boneless) $ 4.99/lb Pig - Ears (1) $ 3.00 each
Chops - 2" (Boneless) $ 6.49/lb Ham (Fresh) $ 4.99/16 Pig - Ears (2) 2 for $ 5.00
Chorizo (Links) $ 5.99/1b Ham (Smoked) $ 4.99/1b Pig Feet $ 1.89/Ib
Chorizo (Loose) $ 5.49/lb Ham (Steak) $ 6.99/1b Pig Tail $ 3.00 each
Shoulder Roast $ 5.49/lb Spare Ribs $ 6.99/1b Spare Ribs (Country) $ 4.99/1b
Stir Fry (Pork) $ 5.49/1b Tenderloin (Pork) $ 14.29/Ib    
Product Price Product Price Product Price
Bacon $ 8.99/1b Bacon (Ends & Pieces) $ 6.99/1b Sausage (Country - Brats) $ 5.29/1b
Sausage (Country - Links) $ 5.29/1b Sausage (Country - Loose) $ 4.79/1b Sausage (la - Links) $ 5.29/1b
Sausage (Ita - Hot - Brats) $ 5.29/Ib Sausage (lta - Swi - Brats) $ 5.29/1b Sausage (Ita-Swt-Loose) $ 4.79/1b
Sausage (Maple - Links) $ 5.29/1b sausage (Maple - Patty) $ 5.29/Ib